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xdah["s[bn about valley issues, water and things. we're talking about medicare, who is cutting medicare? the infamous 700 so many million dollars that, you know, the romney plan, the obama care issues. i mean, it has become all of these national issues that those four races have focused on. they are almost -- they give us a slice of flavor. >> and, josh, we heard all along, nancy pelosi talk about the drive for 25. they need 25 seats to win back the house. she seems convinced, at least plays that part, that they're going to be able to do that. does that look possible? >> she plays that part very well. because it is her job to play that part. i don't think anybody thinks that the democrats have a real shot at retaking the house in this election. i think the prevailing wisdom is, they will gain seats. but they will not have enough to put nancy pelosi back in the speaker's office. on the other hand, over in the senate, where a lot of people had thought that the democrats were vulnerable to losing the senate, it now looks like they will retain control of the senate, as the republicans have
crisis and what are you going to do to protect medicare and social security? i have strong positions on those issues. my opponent does not. >> reporter: tarkanian has benefited from his family's well known name here but failed to win an election in three prior attempts at public office. he has his own take on this race. >> i've tried very hard to get out to all the different areas within the community. i've had business meetings. i've had meetings with business leaders in the african-american community talking about businesses who are there and how we can help them get started and expand. at the same time i've been out in areas talking to the onion farmers and some of the ranchers about the issues they're dealing with with workers and so forth. i've tried very hard to be a good representative and good a good understanding of what's important for those constituents. >> reporter: in august the campaign was infused with racial tension when tarkanian seemed to suggest that horsford was relying on his own ethnicity to win support from african-american voters. while defending himself in fr
four more years of obama budget cuts to medicare." that's arguable, they're not really cuts, but point is you don't know where it's coming from. a virginia company is behind it. its conservative clients are distancing themselvess from having anything to do with these anonymous text messages. >> warner: are the campaigns themselves using these methods to get out negative messages at this stage or are they all positive? >> they are not all positive by any means. the campaigns have web site which is n which president obama's people attack mitt romney and vice versa. so it's a mix of trying to identify your supporters and get them to register, get them to tell their friends, get them to tell people on facebook and also driving negative messages, sometimings snarky twitter-type messages against the other guy and using a technique called data mining. >> warner: tell us about that, because we had a couple interesting pieces that harry didn connection with "frontline" about what sorts of information the campaigns collect on potential voters. how extense livery the campaigns >> there is a compa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)